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Comprehensive Eye Care

Complete Eye Exams in Rancho Mirage

Shaaf Eye Center offers comprehensive eye exams to patients looking to learn more about the overall health of their eyes. Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam is beneficial for all individuals, even those who do not have known eye disease or vision symptoms. Many eye diseases do not have symptoms in their earliest stages. Many debilitating eye diseases can be diagnosed before noticeable symptoms occur, potentially making the difference between minor damage and major vision loss.

What Do You Need to Know about a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam differs from a regular vision exam. Shaaf Eye Center will perform more tests and dig deeper to understand the health of your eyes. As you age, you are at risk for more serious eye related conditions, many that don’t have obvious symptoms in the early stages and can lead to significant loss of vision or even blindness. Through a comprehensive eye exam, we can alert you to underlying eye disease, and infections that could impact your vision or lead to blindness.

Specialists in Diagnosing Eye Disease

During your complete eye exam and advanced examination, our ophthalmologists will evaluate both the inside and outside of your eyes and check for underlying eye conditions such as dry eyes, glaucoma, refractive errors, retinal issues such as macular degeneration, ocular injuries, eye infections, and more. We can also help with eye care emergencies.

Common Eye Diseases We Treat and Diagnose

*Please note: Except in unusual circumstances, we do not dispense prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. We refer to a number of excellent optometrists throughout the Coachella Valley for these services.

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Frequently asked questions about Comprehensive Eye Exams

Yes! At Shaaf Eye Center, Comprehensive Eye Exams are performed by Ophthalmologists with advanced education and training in vision problems. Although your family physician or local optometrist may be your first line of defense for emergency vision issues or every day vision problems, partnering with a dedicated eyecare specialist for annual comprehensive eye examinations is essential for maintaining vision for life. Many eye conditions have no symptoms until vision loss occurs and we have the diagnostic tools in our office to ensure we can get a clear picture of the whole health of the eye.

Many eye care problems can develop over long periods, without symptoms, and can irreversibly damage your vision. Regularly scheduled complete eye exams are the best way to detect such conditions early and address them before they develop into more serious problems.

We recommend Adults have a complete eye exam every one to two years

  • Visual Acuity – to assess how clear your vision is. It measures what is considered normal vision at a distance of 20 feet.
  • Retinoscopy, refraction, or aberrometer – to measure your current eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.
    (We do not fill prescriptons in-office)
  • Slit Lamp examination – an instrument to look inside the eye for signs of common eye diseases and conditions.
  • Visual Fields – test to identify blind spots or problems with side (peripheral) vision.
  • Cover Test – to check for how well the eyes are working together and detect strabismus (abnormal alignment of the eyes).
  • Glaucoma Test – This test is also known as tonometry measures the pressure within the eye.
  • Evaluation of the optic nerve, retina, and blood vessels – evaluation of these parts of the eyes use an ophthalmoscope and pupil dilation.

Comprehensive Eye Care Doctors


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